Please download the program as a pdf file from this  link.

Sunday, August 28th 2016

14:00 to 15:00             Arrival

15:00                           Introductory remarks

15:10                           Software challenge 2D and 3D Chair: Daniel Sage

15:12                          Hazen Babcock

“Analyzing Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Data Using Cubic Splines “

15:23                          Silvia Colabrese

“A study on the application of machine learning techniques on 2D and 3D SMLM“

15:34                           Ricardo Henriques

“High-speed super-resolution data analysis in ImageJ: from QuickPALM to NanoJ“

15:45                           Alex Herbert

“PeakFit: Single-Molecule Localisation Software for ImageJ“

15:56                          Jonas Ries

“SMAP – a superresolution microscopy analysis platform“

16:07                          Guy Hagen

“ThunderSTORM: a comprehensive ImageJ plugin for PALM and STORM data analysis and super-resolution imaging“

16:18                          Hervé Rouault

“B-recs: an efficient Bayesian algorithm for the reconstruction of dense localization microscopy samples“

16:29                           Ann Wheeler

  “Benchmarking standards in super-resolution“

16:40                           Seamus Holden

  “Super-resolution fight club: adding 3D and ultra-realistic simulation to the localization microscopy challenge “

16.54                           Daniel Sage

  “Challenge for benchmarking single-molecule localization microscopy software packages “

17.08                    Acknowledgment

17.10                         Round table (Moderator Seamus Holden)


17:40                           Coffee break

18:00                           Keynote lecture 1: Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz

“Navigating the cellular landscape with new optical probes, imaging strategies and technical innovations”

19:00                           Melike Lakadamyali (invited)

“Super-resolution imaging of chromatin organization“

19:30                           Welcome Reception


Monday, August 29th 2016

8:30                           Coffee

Session 1:   Chair: Seamus Holden

9:00                              Helge Ewers (invited)

 “Nanoscopic compartmentalization of membrane protein motion at the axon initial segment”

9:30                             Markus Sauer (invited)

“Super-resolution fluorescence imaging by dSTORM”

10:00                           Jean-Baptiste Sibarita (invited)

“5D SMLM of thick biological samples”

10:30                         Elias M. Puchner

“Tracking organelle maturation with quantitative super-resolution microscopy”


10:45                            Coffee break


11:15                            Mike Heilemann (invited)

“Molecular counting with single-molecule localization microscopy”

11:45                          Mark Bates (invited)

“Fluorescence Nanoscopy with Stochastic Switching and 4PI Detection”

12:15                           Ralf Jungmann

“Quantitative super-resolution microscopy with DNA-PAINT”


12:30                           Lunch

Session 2: Chair: Aleksandra Radenovic

13:30                           Jonas Ries

“Superresolution imaging of clathrin-mediated endocytosis in yeast”

13.45                          Dylan Owen

“Dynamic, real-time cluster analysis of live-cell SMLM data”

14.00                           Christos Karathanasis

“Counting strategy reveals subunits of membrane proteins with single molecule localization microscopy”

14.15                         Dominique Bourgeois

“Evidence for a long-lived dark state intermediate in mEos2 green-to-red photoconversion limiting counting approaches in PALM”

14.30                          Xavier Darzacq

Single molecule transcription factor dynamics in the syncytial Drosophila embryo


15.00                       Poster session + Coffee break


17.00                       Keynote lecture 2: Taekjip Ha

“Determination of basepairing-mediated targeting kinetics using super-resolution and single-molecule microscopy”


19.00                       Conference Dinner



Tuesday, August 30st  2016

8:30                           Coffee

Session 3:  Chair: Mike Heilemann

9.00                              Achillefs Kapanidis (invited)

“Single-molecule tracking of transcription in the bacterial nucleoid”

9:30                              Cecile Morlot (invited)

“Remodeling of the division ring nanostructure during Streptococcus pneumoniae cell cycle revealed by PhotoActivated Localization Microscopy”

10.00                            Jie Xiao (invited)

The fellowship of the Ring in superresolution

10:30                            David Albrecht

“VirusMapper: Super-resolving virus architecture using nanobodies and open-source single particle averaging software”


10.45                           Coffee break

Session 3:  Chair: Jean-Baptiste Sibarita

11:15                          Hamidreza Heydarian

“λ/100 resolution by template-free 2D particle fusion in localization microscopy”

11:30                         Ji-Eun Lee

Hydrophobicity Mapping of Alpha-Synuclein Aggregates  by Spectrally Resolved Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy”

11.45                        Susana Rocha

“Nanoscale interaction mapping in living cells”

12:00                           Luke D. Lavis (invited)

“Hip to be square: Building better fluorophores with azetidine”

12.30                           Antonio Aloi

“Imaging Nanostructures by Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy in Organic Solvents”


12:45                            Lunch


Session 4:  Chair: Suliana Manley

14:00                            Hans Blom (invited)

Quantifying transfection artefacts using PALM/STORM imaging and CRISPR/CAS9 gene editing

14:30                            Theo Lasser (invited)

“Super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging”

15:00                            Rafael Piestun (invited)

“Compressive Localization Microscopy”

15:30                            Seamus Holden (invited)

Localization microscopy software challenge 2016 roundup: state of the field and outstanding challenges for localization software

15:45                           Raimund J. Ober

“Using the Microscopy Image Analysis Tool for single molecule localization-based data analysis”

16:00                           Closing remarks SMLMS, Software challenge, Awards