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Anders Engdahl Sodium sulfite as a switching agent for dSTORM
Artittaya Boonkird Machine-Learning-Based Approach for Single-Molecule Quantitative Nanoscopy
Elias Nehme Learning Optimal Wavefront Shaping for Multi-channel Imaging
Ivo Marten Glück Nanoscale organization of the endogenous ASC speck
Liza Briant Synthesis and characterization of cucurbit(n)uril-dye complexes with application in single-molecule fluorescence microscopy
Megan Joseph Quantitative super-resolution imaging for the analysis of GPCR oligomerization
Awoke Negash Vectorial PSF fitter for fixed emitters in SMLM
Hamidreza Heydarian Analysis of binding site dependent labelling efficiency for DNA-PAINT using particle fusion
Takahiro Deguchi Ratiometric multi-color localization microscopy with flexible geometry by salvaged fluorescence detection
Alexander Clowsley Non-specific events, background, and oligo site damage are all reduced through the use of repeat docking domains used in Repeat DNA-PAINT
Daniel Nino Estimating the Dynamic Range of Molecular Counting with Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy
Tatiana Koike Characterization of muscle stem cell function in β2-adrenoceptor knockout mice
Eva  Ansprang Christensen Diffusion of the angiotensin receptor clustering in the plasma membrane
Evelina Lucinskaité The Python Microscopy Environment (PYME) for efficient and flexible acquisition, analysis and presentation of SMLM data
SVI   Super fast and accurate SMLM analysis with Huygens Localizer Everywhere
Quint Houwink Theoretical Minimum Uncertainty of Single-Molecule Localizations Using a Single-Photon Avalanche Diode Array
Daniel Sage Super Resolution Microscopy – Open benchmarking resources for SMLM community (sum.epfl.ch)

Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium 2021

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