Tuesday, Aug. 31

Special session

09:00Registrations & Welcome
09:30SPECIAL SESSION 1st part
CHAIR: Daniel Sage & Juliette Griffié
10:30Coffee break
11:00SPECIAL SESSION 2nd part
12:00IN MEMORIAM: Katharina Gaus and George Patterson

Session 1

14:00Introductory remarks
14:10Jean-Baptiste Sibarita
“Quantitative Multicolor Super-Resolution Microscopy”
14:40Dylan Owen
“Statistical and computational methods for quantifying nano-scale protein distributions”
15:10Susan Cox
“Detecting Artifacts in Localization Microscopy Images”
15:40Coffee break
16:00Helge Ewers
“Combining Expansion with STED microscopy”
16:30Izzy Jayasinghe
“Using correlative localisation microscopy data to decode fast intracellular calcium signals in primary cells”
17:00Mike Heilemann
“Multi-color, 3D and live-cell STED microscopy with exchangeable fluorophore labels”
17:30Keynote lecture 1: Peng Yin