Wednesday, Sept. 1

Session 2 – Chair Mike Heilemann

09:00Francisco Balzarotti
“Accessing the nanoscale with MINFLUX”
09:30Bernd Rieger
“3D particle averaging and detection of macromolecular symmetry in localization microscopy”
10:00Selected Short talk 1: Zach Marin
“Extracting organelle membrane topology from super-resolution microscopy data”
10:20Selected Short talk 2: Jean Comtet
“Tracking single proton charge dynamics at liquid interfaces”
10:40Coffee break
11:15Jonas Ries
“Computational tools for single-molecule localization microscopy”
11:45Sjoerd Stallinga
“All photons are equal but some are more equal than others”

Session 3 – Chair Jonas Ries

14:00Sandrine Lévêque-Fort
“Alternative strategies for 3D single molecule localization microscopy”
14:30Selected Short talk 3: Pham Thanh-An
“Optical diffraction tomography from single-molecule localization microscopy”
14:50Selected Short talk 4: M.E. Siemons
“Multi-colour far-red localization microscopy with probability-based classification”
15:10Selected Short talk 5: Florian Steiner
“Pulsed interleaved MINFLUX for merging superresolution and FRET”
15:30Poster session
16:00Coffee break
16:30Allison Squires
“Interferometric scattering for fluorescence-free electrokinetic trapping of single nanoparticles in free solution”
17:00Bo Huang
“Mapping of the inner world of cells”
17:30Keynote lecture 2: Virginia Cornish
“Expanding the synthetic capabilities of yeast”
19:00Conference Dinner Restaurant Le Débarcadère, St-Sulpice